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Vilnius new architecture - where can i find it?:)

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    Vilnius new architecture - where can i find it?:)

    Laba diena;]
    I don't know if it's a right place to ask my question but I would be very thankful if you could give me some information about new architecture in Vilnius.

    I'm architecture erasmus student from Poland,and now i'm studing at VGTU in Vilnius for one semester. Before that i was in Klaipeda for about 3 weeks, and i was realy impressed on quality of contemporary architecture in Palanga.

    So, my question.. is there any simple Lithuanian web page where i can find simple information about new residental building, block of flats, or any other interesting houses? Something like this:, i mean picture and address

    or mayby You can give me some advice where can i find some new interesting residental buildings or any other,in which districts they are mainly being build?

    I would be very grateful for any kind of information, becouse i know only basics of lithuanian language so it's realy hard to find something over internet.
    Paskutinis taisė rysiek; 2007.09.05, 01:17.

    Hi, try this thread for the start.

    Next time use Café international. Maybe moderators will move your thread there. But it's okay

    Also try: For more photos.

    Pictures and addresses here:
    new residential projects in Vilnius City. These are the new projects for residential houses also in Vilnius City. This is a little part of new commercial projects in Vilnius.

    Maybe these words will be helpful while searching for the information in „Google“ or etc.:
    daugiabutis - apartment house, pastatas - building, biuras - office, gyvenamasis - residential, naujas - new.

    Maybe the others will give some more Good luck with your studies
    Paskutinis taisė ; 2007.09.05, 01:58.
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      its nice to know that more and more people from abroad want to come to Lithaunia to get a taste of its academic life and furthermore try out the courses of Lithuanian in Klaipeda's University.

      There is a similar site about Lithuanian architectural resources, but it only gives the links to the pages of Lithuanian architects. There a lot of pages, but first i recommend going to these:,,, and if you have some spare time you can browse And showcases some really nice interior and product design ideas.

      The other good thing is to have a look at Lithuanian architectural press. has some material translated into English, but you can also look at the Lithuanian version. Just click 'Žurnalas' on the left and then 'Plačiau' after each picture with description. And if you go to 'Archyvas' on the left, you'll find earlier issues. Its also a good idea to go to National Martynas Mažvydas library and take a look at the material that is there, including books about modern architecture during the soviet times, because there were some really nice projects. Also have a look at the same 'Archiforma' issues and 'Statybų pilotas'. Just ask your colleagues at uni and they should help you round the library People here might not look as if they want to help you, but if you aks them, they will try to do so

      And how did you like Klaipeda's and Palanga's architecture ? Any particular buildings ? And which were awful ? Feel free to say what you think, cause its more interesting to hear the truth than the old saying: 'everything is nice' or smth similar

      and of course this forum has a lot of pictures about projects in Vilnius and other cities.
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