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Vyborg 26.08.2006 (70 pics)

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    Vyborg 26.08.2006 (70 pics)

    Vyborg is amazing old town 130 km northwest of St. Petersburg with true medieval spirit!

    Let's begin from the area close to railway station.
    The buildings here were built in 30's (?)

    Krasnaya Square

    Prospekt Lenina

    old fortifications

    Art gallery by Uno Ullberg

    the are enough of rocks around and in Vyborg

    Teatralnaya Street

    City Tower

    Now we are closer to the old town

    Round Tower date from mid of 16th century

    Market Square

    Again at Lenina Prospekt

    There are nice examples of Art Nouveau

    Clock Tower at Krepostnaya Street

    Views of Vyborg from the Clock Tower

    Vyborg Castle

    Unfortunately there were no time to go up the The Olaf Tower of Vyborg Castle, the views from the Top probably better than from the Clock Tower.

    Now some pics of Park Monrepos, very close to Vyborg

    Paskutinis taisė Siberian; 2006.10.18, 16:04.

    Very nice and well preserved town. Thanks for the tour
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      I've been waiting for this one, Siberian! Must say it's a very interesting thread Thanks!!!
      Kaip po dykumą blaškiausi


        Thanks a lot for nice photos, Siberian! It still looks like an old good Viipuri in most photos - though some facades would need renovation. Do you know what about the Finnish tourists? I heard teir flow had dropped due to the increased prices in alcohol? Is it true?


          Parašė Jeffas Rodyti pranešimą
          Do you know what about the Finnish tourists? I heard teir flow had dropped due to the increased prices in alcohol? Is it true?
          There are many Finnish tourists as I noticed, didn't heard something about increased prices on alcohol

          I liked Vyborg very much, it's very beautiful and authentic town with calming atmosphere! It has much potential in tourism.


            Nice pictures.
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              Nice pictures--> Nice town--> Worth visit


                Parašė music Rodyti pranešimą
                Nice town--> Worth visit
                Sure, with no doubt!


                  Nice town, i see many tourists


                    I know Vyborg was a jewel of finnish architecture during the interbellum. Unfortunately now days it looks like a slums and it seems historical heritage will be completely destroyed in nearby future by local russian federation authorities .
                    There is a nice sentence in russian which perfectly describes situation with this city where the whole entire population was replaced by the soviet scum - "мерзость запустения".
                    Paskutinis taisė ZYKLON-B; 2020.05.12, 15:33.