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Warsaw by DocentX (new photos) PART I

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    Warsaw by DocentX (new photos) PART I

    Warsaw - Wola district (western part of the city) - photos from 2007 !

    We are getting off at Kasprzaka street and passing office buildings

    in a distance we can see Warsaw Trade Tower and Museum of Warsaw Uprising

    Museum of Warsaw Uprising 1944 also called The Warsaw Rising Museum.

    It was constructed a few years ago and it's the most modern museum in Poland.

    The Warsaw Uprising 1944 was the largest single operation organized and executed by a partisan organization in WWII. It lasted two months, and when it was over, 200,000 people were dead, and the entire city was in ruins.

    "In August 1944, Warsaw appeared to present the last major obstacle to the Soviet army's triumphant march from Moscow to Berlin. When the Wehrmacht was pushed bach to the Vistula River, the people of Warsaw believed that liberation was at hand. So, too, did the Western leaders. The Polish Resistance poured forty thousand (40,000) armed fighters into the streets to drive out the hated Germans, but Stalin condemned the Rising as a criminal adventure and refused to cooperate. The Wehrmacht was given time to regroup, and Hitler ordered the city and its inhabitants to be utterly destroyed.

    For sixty-three days, the Resistance battled the SS and Wehrmacht in the cellars and sewers. Tens of thousands of defenseless civilians were slaughtered week after week. One by one, the city's districts were reduced to rubble as Soviet troops watched from across the river. Poland's Western allies expressed regret, but decided that there was little to be done. The sacrifice was in vain. Hitler's orders were executed. Poland was not allowed to be governed by Poles." by Norman Davies

    NOTE: The Warsaw Uprising in 1944 is not Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

    photos from the Warsaw Uprising 1944

    Museum's view tower - I will climb up there in a moment

    we are getting inside the museum

    inside, among other things, we can find this huge plane

    views from the museum tower

    we came from that direction

    Chlodna street - in a couple of years this view will probably change dramaticaly as new const are planned

    Zelazna street

    we are following the Chlodna street towards John Paul II Avenue (Al. Jana Pawla II)

    Boromeusza church

    fire brigade building

    Mirowska hall

    Atrium office buildings complex

    Westin hotel

    PZU tower

    Deloitte House office building const site and Rondo 1 in a distance - (2007)

    in July 2008 the construction is far more advanced and looks like this

    we are getting back to 2007 - we are heading United Nations Roundabound (Rondo ONZ) and we can see Rondo 1

    Rondo ONZ (United Nations Roundabound)

    John Paul II Avenue (Aleje Jana Pawla II)

    we are going at the back of the building and...

    ...we are seeing sth extraterrestrial...

    UFO in Warsaw :banana:

    Al. Jana Pawla II (John Paul II Avenue) and Al. Solidarnosci (Solidarity Avenue) crossing

    view on Solidarity Avenue towards Bankowy square (Bank square)

    we are changing our localization - Krasinskich square - Warsaw Uprising 1944 monument

    Those last few photos surely are moving, Docent!
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