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[Torun], Poland

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    [Torun], Poland

    Toruń is one of the most beautiful cities of Poland. Picturesquely located on the both banks of the Vistula River (capital city of Kujawsko - Pomorskie voivodeship) ,at a site of intersection of ancient trade routes, it has been propagating its traditional economy and openness to the world for nearly 800 years. The gothic buildings of Toruń's Old Town, which won the designation of World Heritage Site from UNESCO, present proof of Toruń's centuries-old economic, cultural and intellectual ties with the leading cities of Europe associated in the Hanseatic League. and are perhaps right. Because here they can witness the layout of streets of Toruń Old Town, which has not been changed for centuries, the most beautiful Polish panorama - of the illuminated medieval part of the city seen from the Vistula River side, Nicolaus Copernicus birth house - the famous son of Toruń, silent arches of St. Johns Cathedral - where the great astronomer was baptised, the tomb of princess Anna Wazówna in Saint Mary church, The Town Hall of unique beauty, whose courtyard remembers the "Toruń Mutiny" drowned in blood in 1724...

    by Eldorrado

    by Olek D

    very beautiful pics delfinas
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      Beautiful place. Poland has many of them
      Mano galerija Flickr'yje


        I agree, it seems like a very beautiful(and unique!) town. I'd love to visit it some day


          Very nice!


            Torun houses the best ultra modern planetarium in Poland (built in 1994) - its really impressive I always go there when I am in Torun

            planetarium in Torun

            look at this page



              Torun (UNESCO) by DocentX

              Torun is a city in northern Poland, on the Vistula river. It had 208,386 inhabitants in 2004. The medieval town, birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

              Torun is the most Gothic urban complex in Poland.

              Photos were taken last weekend - 29-30 VII

              PART I

              We are entering the Old Town

              Map of the Old Town

              The Old Town square

              - Copernicus monument

              - Town hall

              'Szeroka' street - main pedestrian street


                PART II

                The Old Town

                streets of the Old Town

                'Mostowa' street - under renovation

                The Old Town walls


                  PART III

                  ruins of Teutonic knights castle

                  this is how the castle looked like during middle ages

                  The New Town square

                  New Town streets

                  Gothic churches

                  St. 'Jakub' church


                  mysterious wall painting

                  'NMP' church

                  Philadelphia boulevard


                    It is beautiful.


                      PART IV

                      views from the Town Hall tower


                        Now thats's a load of pics, Docent

                        Torun is beautiful- never thought it's that well preserved. A germanic influence is quite visible there.

                        Is this some kind of local Pisa tower?
                        Kaip po dykumą blaškiausi


                          Thank you for the nice job and impresive photo.

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                            thanks DocentX, added Toruń to my 'must visit' list
                            Miestai ir architektūra -




                                bonus photos

                                In this beautiful gothic house Copernicus was born - now it hosts Copernicus museum