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[PL] Wrocław / Breslau

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    [PL] Wrocław / Breslau

    Wroclaw is the economical, cultural and intellectual capital of Lower Silesia, located in southwestern Poland, 160 km from Germany and 120 km from the Czech Republic. It is well equipped with communication facilities: international airport, railways, highways and river ports. Medium - light industry, trade, service and education are major employers. The city with its charming historical center, parks, good restaurants, hotels and friendly people (700.000 inhabitants) is a pleasant place to visit and to do business.

    the city is known for it its bridges and canals

    Paskutinis taisė Delfinas; 2006.10.23, 09:27.

    quite nice town

    I have been there once

    Prie ruso man buvo geriau


      University in Wroclaw

      the one with in Bremen probably the finest Town Hall in Europe


        Not bad




            Wonderful panoramas thanks delfinai!


              new approved projects in Wrocław

              and the one U/C - Sky Tower 222 meters


                Arkady Wrocławskie U/C


                  Wroclaw by DocentX PART1

                  Photos taken this weekend

                  Wroclaw - map of the city center

                  Old Town

                  Old Town square

                  -medieval city hall

                  'Maria Magdalena' gothic church

                  Small Old Town square

                  Old Town streets

                  'sw. Elzbiety' gothic church

                  medieval prison

                  Wroclaw University

                  baroque church

                  another gothic church


                    Thanks DocentX. Amazing city, I have never visited it but from photos it looks more impressive than Krakow.




                        Parašė Edd Rodyti pranešimą
                        Thanks DocentX. Amazing city, I have never visited it but from photos it looks more impressive than Krakow.
                        If You ask me - I love both Wroclaw and Krakow

                        You can compare the two cities looking at my photos from Krakow:


                        Anyway - together with Warsaw, these are my favorite Polish cities

                        Talking about Wroclaw - in my opinion it's the most under rated Polish city - not so known as Krakow or Gdansk, but very beautiful with huge potencial.

                        However Wroclaw it's becoming more and more popular and number of tourist is growing very quickly (not only from Germany, which is obvious, but also from UK, Italy, Spain etc.). One of the main reasons is local airport and of course cheap flightes.

                        And this year Wroclaw entered the world haritage UNESCO list thanx to 'Hala Ludowa' building
                        Paskutinis taisė DocentX; 2006.11.28, 14:12.


                          Wroclaw by DocentX PART2

                          This time 'Odra' river and 'Ostrow Tumski' (Cathedral Island)

                          we are going into the direction of the Cathedral Island - as You can see they are renovating the road

                          view on the Cathedral Island

                          The gothic Cathedral

                          another gothic church ('Najswietszej Marii Panny')

                          view on the Cathedral and 'sw. Krzyza' church

                          'Najswietszej Marii Panny' church

                          'sw. Krzyza' church (unfortunately it was locked and I couldn't went in)

                          The Cathedral

                          views from the cathedral tower

                          once more cathedral

                          saint Idius church - one of the oldest in Wroclaw with many romanesque elements

                          at night - two average quality photos


                            Wroclaw by DocentX PART3

                            Third and the last part of the photorelation - this time some photos from the downtown

                            streets near the train station

                            - 'Wroclaw Glowny' train station

                            'Swidnicka' street - one of the most important streets in Wroclaw

                            we can see 'Arkady Wroclawskie' - big shopping and office complex - under const.

                            Swidnicka street - as you can see it's under renovation


                            another beautiful gothic church

                            we are turning into gate and we can see the only Wroclaw synagogue, which surviwed the war

                            'Dominikanski' square

                            'Galeria dominikanska' - one of the most popular shopping centers

                            Dominican church

                            'Olawska' street - recently turned into pedestrian street

                            as You can see, there are quite a lot of renovations

                            views from the church tower (or I should say church bridge)


                              Many unseen places of Wroclaw for me in this thread. Some parts of the city remind me of Riga. Thanks for all these photos.


                                Parašė Edd Rodyti pranešimą
                                Thanks DocentX. Amazing city, I have never visited it but from photos it looks more impressive than Krakow.
                                Well I don't think Wrocław is better than Kraków, but surely is one of the prettiest cities in Poland. The Stary Rynek is in my opinion the most beautiful one in Poland and the Cathedral island is really a wonderful place (I adored it at night with the oil lamps, very dark and fascinating). DocentX showed us the best of Wrocław, but unfortunately there are many ugly commie-buildings among the pretty old ones. Kraków has a better "architectural unity" in the old town and Kazimierz districts, something that Wrocław doesn't have.

                                Anyway thanks a lot to DocentX for this very nice tour in one of my favourite Polish cities! Pity that your A530 seems to have some problems (internal error with the flash, that's probably the cause of the bright light problems in all the pics with grey sky).


                                  [PL] Wrocław / Breslau

                                  Wrocław (German: Breslau) is the chief city of the historical region of Silesia in south-western Poland, situated on the Oder (Polish: Odra) river. Over the centuries the city has been part of Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia, and Germany. Wrocław is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. According to official population figures for June 2009, its population is 632,240, making it the fourth largest city in Poland.

                                  Paskutinis taisė Delfinas; 2010.04.18, 13:44.



                                    by RakleZ