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    Šiaip tokį metodą galima naudoti ir Lietuvoje, tarkim neišlikusiame pavelde, arba norint parodyti kaip tam tikras objektas ankščiau atrodė. Pristatyt Vilniuje ale touch screenų su video vaizdais, pvz prie katedros ar kitų objektų. Būtų ir įdomu ir turistams naudinga :)
    Arba pvz Vilniuje ir kitur yra labai daug atidenginių (kur nuimtas tinkas ir parodomos plytos ar mūras), tai galima būtų įrengti irgi panašius video stendus su rekonstrukcijom....
    Pasvajot žinoma galima...
    ---- NAUJOJI VILNIA facebook'e ----


      New night panoramas of Warsaw by Przemysław Zacharuk and borat 1979, source:


        Warsaw panorama, very wide :-)

        by adaMa



          Moving up

          The Polish capital is now the second city in Europe in terms of office construction activity

          The office market in Warsaw saw a rebound in 2011 with sector analysts saying growth is set to continue this year. The Polish capital has recently recorded a major rise in lease activity to which developers are already responding by announcing increasingly ambitious development plans.

          Capital dominance

          According to CBRE’s Poland Office Destinations 2012 report, Warsaw is now the second-most active market in Europe in terms of the development of new office space, ranking above Moscow and lower only than Paris.

          Although Warsaw is far behind Western Europe in terms of total office stock, CBRE underlines that the capital of Poland is ranked as second in Europe in terms of office construction activity, with over 700,000 sqm under construction or planned,” the report said.

          Joanna Mroczek, director of research and consultancy at CBRE, noted that the city is currently seeing massive infrastructural work, including the construction of a new bridge and a new subway line, and that its image should also be enhanced due to the Euro 2012 soccer championships.

          Warsaw also saw high investment activity in 2011, in stark contrast to the situation in Poland’s regional cities. According to a recent report by Cushman & Wakefield, only one out of the 19 sales agreements for office buildings last year was signed outside the Polish capital.

          “The stock of modern office in Warsaw significantly exceeds the total stock of modern offices located in major regional markets,” said Michał Stępień, a senior consultant in the research and consultancy department of Savills.

          He added that the capital now accounts for approximately 64 percent of the total modern office stock in Poland. Admittedly, the share of regional cities is growing with the share of Warsaw expected to decrease to approximately 60 percent by the end of 2013.

          Development boom

          “Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the development activity in Warsaw is slowing down. The new supply of offices is estimated at around 225,000 sqm in 2012 and even up to 280,000 sqm in 2013,” Mr Stępień said.

          Warsaw is a clear leader in terms of construction activity with almost 630,000 sqm of modern office space under construction, including a 100,000-sqm tower planned for 2015,” CBRE’s Mroczek said.

          She added that the capital has recently recorded some of the best leasing demand and vacancy rate results on the continent. “Given the high number of inquiries registered both from existing tenants and newcomers, 2012 should also be spectacular in terms of demand in Warsaw,” Ms Mroczek said.

          Arguably among the most impressive of the new projects will be the office towers that are planned for downtown Warsaw. A number of these have recently been announced by developers and investors including BBI Development, Echo Investment and PHN.

          “Our preparatory activities aimed at the introduction to the market of the project on Al. Jana Pawła II are proof of our conviction about the development potential of the capital,” said Waldemar Lesiak, office and hotel space department director at Echo Investment.

          He added that his company is also in the process of preparing two other large office investments in Warsaw whose total leasable space will amount to some 80,000 sqm. “Warsaw is the most important office market in Poland and so we are interested in obtaining new schemes in the capital.”


          Warsaw named no. 2 most attractive European City for property investment in 2012

          CBRE announced the results of its latest ‘Real Estate Investor Intentions’ survey*, with Warsaw scoring 2nd among the top targets for investors in Europe in 2012. Launched today at MIPIM 2012 - the property industry’s annual trade show held in Cannes, France - CBRE’s latest ‘Real Estate Investor Intentions’ survey*, completed by more than 340 leading property investors, provides high level insights into investor sentiment towards international real estate markets and forecasts activity for the year ahead.

          London was head and shoulders above other named cities as the top target for investors in Europe, with 37% of investors pin-pointing it as the premier investment destination in Europe in 2012. The second most popular city was Warsaw (12%), reflecting that market’s strong economic fundamentals. Paris was in third position (9%) following on from the high level of investment activity there in 2011, before the German cities of Munich (8%) and Berlin (7%).

          „The position of Warsaw among the most desired property investment destinations in Europe reflects Poland’s well-deserved perception of a market with strong underlying fundamentals, able to weather global and European economic volatility. No. 2 score of the Polish capital, right after London and before Paris, Munich and Berlin, presents an optimistic outlook for developers and investors engaged in the Polish market, as well as those intending to make an entry”, said Colin Waddell, Managing Director of CBRE for Poland.


          New skyscraper planned for downtown Warsaw
          12th March 2012

          BBI Development's latest tower will provide approximately 55,000 sqm of usable space

          Developer BBI Development NFI revealed a preliminary architectural design of a new office high-rise building that it will build in central Warsaw at the MIPIM 2012 international property fair in Cannes, France, last week.

          The scheme, which the company will develop in partnership with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Warsaw and St. Barbara’s Parish, will be located at the intersection of the capital’s ul. Emilii Plater and ul. Nowogrodzka.

          The investment, which has been designed by Juvenes – Project, is expected to rise approximately 180 meters tall and comprise some 55,000 sqm of usable space. Warsaw City Hall has already granted its approval for a high-rise structure at the site.

          “Our goal is to create a building of premium architectural quality, distinguished by its elegant form, moderation and functionality,” Michał Skotnicki, president of BBI Development’s management board, said in a statement.

          A preliminary investment agreement between BBI and the Warsaw Archdiocese was signed in August last year. A special-purpose vehicle set up by the entities will be responsible for the development, leasing and sale of the property.

          Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed BBI Development NFI is currently also involved, together with Liebrecht & Wood, in the construction of the Plac Unii mixed-use high-rise building in the Polish capital. Planned projects of the developer include the Nowy Sezam scheme in central Warsaw.



            DocentX, but how about a demand? Are there enough companies/firms who are looking for office space? I hope there is no buble which will end up with lots of empty, new offices?
            And what kind of businesses are moving to new buildings?
            考纳斯, 立陶宛


              Parašė surskis18 Rodyti pranešimą
              DocentX, but how about a demand? Are there enough companies/firms who are looking for office space? I hope there is no buble which will end up with lots of empty, new offices?
              And what kind of businesses are moving to new buildings?
              Record breaking take up in Warsaw Office Market

              The office market in Warsaw is clearly speeding up

              Warszawa, 1st February 2012 – According to the latest research by CBRE, international real estate consultancy firm, total office take-up for Warsaw in 2011 reached a record level of 573,000 sq m. This is the best result in Warsaw ever achieved on an annual basis.

              The office market in Warsaw is clearly speeding up - 226,000 sq m was leased in the City Centre and 347,000 sq m in Non-Central locations.

              The demand for office space is growing, while vacancy rates remain at a relatively low level of circa 6.7%. However, it needs to be pointed out that the largest, build-to-suit lease transaction by TPSA (43,700 sq m) was officially registered last year along with the start of the construction.

              Mokotow was the most popular area chosen by office tenants (170,000 sq m leased in 2011), followed by City Centre with nearly 150,000 sq m of newly occupied space.

              Total modern office stock in the end of 2011 amounted to approx. 3,600,000 sq m. Only 14 office buildings were completed last year, totalling 120,000 sq m. That was the lowest supply level recorded since 1998.

              Pipeline stock for the next 6 months will still remain limited, but a number of bigger projects are planned for completion in mid-2012. These include the first phase of Business Garden and Senator. At the moment, there are around 530,000 sq m under construction with 38% pre-leased in total. The most popular Warsaw zones, in terms of both take-up and new planned developments, are City Centre Fringe, Mokotow district and Jerozolimskie area. CBRE predicts that around 300,000 sq will be completed this year in Warsaw, 60% of which will be located in non-central areas.

              In the 4Q 2011 the vacancy ratio diminished to the level of 6.7%. However, due to a growing number of tenants’ inquiries, the upward trend in terms of the demand for office space should be sustainable through the next year, which should cause vacancy rates to compress further.

              The new deals had the biggest share in 2011, amounting to 46% of the take up. Pre-lets totalled 21% of the total leased space. The largest transaction of year 2011 were: pre-let of TP SA in Miasteczko Orange (43,700 sq m) registered along with the start of construction works, renegotiations of Ernst & Young (11,000 sq m) in Rondo 1 and the pre-let of Orlen Group in Senator (9,100 sq m).

              Prime headline rents are slowly increasing in Warsaw, particularly in CBD (now at EUR 25 – 26 /sq m/mth). Rents in non-central areas have been stable at the level of EUR 15 -16.50 sq m/month. Still popular tenants’ incentives are now being successively reduced. Decreasing vacancy rates and growing demand should exert further upward pressure on rental levels in 2012, particularly in the central and established office locations.

              A large number of office deals have been completed by CBRE Poland in the past few months, illustrating that the Warsaw office market is undoubtedly in an upward cycle.

              ‘A comparatively positive economic outlook is still driving demand for office space in Warsaw and we are particularly pleased with our recent deals, as it proves global corporate expansion plans are continuing despite European economic pessimism.’ – commented Colin Waddell, Managing Director of CBRE Poland.

              ‘In 2011 CBRE has observed a further revival on the real estate market, which began yet in 2010. Positive economic results have stimulated the property market to increase activity. The demand for office space has been improving every quarter and, basing on the current level of enquiries, we expect approximately a 10% yearly increase within the next two – three years, supported by general infrastructure improvement in the city.’ – he added.



              Zlota 44

              scroll -->

              source :

              Warsaw Spire (220 m)


              Cosmopolitan Twarda (160 m)


              Plac Unii


              Metro - second line

              Parašė bloniaq_s8

              IGD - proposed

              new plan for 'Norblin' factory - proposed :


                Bliamba kaip pavydas ima pažiūrėjus į Varšuvą ir į mūsų Vilnių.. Nors ir stumiam ant Lenkijos, bet padėtis ten manau žymiai geresnė.


                  Parašė EdvinasB Rodyti pranešimą
                  Bliamba kaip pavydas ima pažiūrėjus į Varšuvą ir į mūsų Vilnių.. Nors ir stumiam ant Lenkijos, bet padėtis ten manau žymiai geresnė.
                  Buvau Varšuvoj paturistaut visai neseniai, prisižiūrėjęs foto buvu irgi susidaręs lb gera nuomonę, deja teko nusivilt. Senamiestis aptvarkytas, bet labai kvepia lenkiška kokybe ir estetika. Nauja architektūra irgi vienetai vertesni dėmesio..
                  "Neturtėlis- tai žmogus, manantis, kad idėja jam tinka tik tada, jei yra jo paties".


                    Parašė EdvinasB Rodyti pranešimą
                    Bliamba kaip pavydas ima pažiūrėjus į Varšuvą ir į mūsų Vilnių.. Nors ir stumiam ant Lenkijos, bet padėtis ten manau žymiai geresnė.
                    Dabartine Lenkijos situaciją lėmė santykinai didelis gyventojų skaičius ir sąlyginai nedidelės kainos. Lenkija patraukli tarptautinei rinkai dėl didelio potencialo. Iš dalies mes patys kalti dėl to, kad nesukūrėme didelės populiacijos, net tarpukariu lenkai demografiniu požiūriu buvo nepralenkiami. Bet kokybė ne kiekybėje, reikia tikėtis, jog tą supras ir investuotojai.
                    Lažinuos- 2017 metais Lietuvos gyventojų skaičius didės.


                      some aerial photos of Warsaw :

                      a bit old - without Zlota 44 :

                      one of the latest :

                      Parašė Petr
                      and more:

                      plac Unii Lubelskiekiej

                      kampus Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

                      Krakowskie Przedmieście
                      Parašė Petr
                      Plac Zamkowy

                      Starte Miasto

                      Barbakan i Nowe Miasto


                        Warsaw from above :

                        Parašė Petr
                        This video kicks ass!


                          Warsaw - days before Euro :

                          National Stadium

                          Warsaw Stadium train station

                          Warsaw Central Train Station

                          Warsaw Chopin airport - underground train station was officially opened :

                          Eastern Train station - after modernization :

                          Parašė LoveAgent.
                          Modernization of railway station "Warsaw East" is finally finished! :)

                          Zlota 44

                          Cosmopolitan Tower

                          Plac Unii

                          Wola district - new office buildings under construction

                          Muranów district - Museum of Polish Jews




                              Warsaw on Friday

                              Euro 2012 opening ceremony :

                              Fun Zone :


                                Warsaw to get another skyscraper

                                Management at the Mint of Poland expect that within the next few months the company will begin development work on a skyscraper on ul. Pereca in the center of Warsaw, Parkiet reported.

                                The producer of coins and gold bars wants to build a 130-meter-high skyscraper, an investment from which it hopes for a return of €50 million.

                                “The investment will cost zł.240 to 250 million (€56 to 58 million). The project is being delayed by certain formal aspects, but I hope all problems will be solved smoothly in the next couple of months,” Zbigniew Jakubas, the Mint of Poland's largest shareholder and the chairman of its supervisory board, said at a shareholders' meeting on Thursday.


                                Construction on Liberty Tower set for August launch

                                Along with the new Warsaw skyscraper, Liberty Development plans to revitalize a key historical area

                                Liberty Development hopes to begin construction on its Liberty Tower in August this year after receiving a series of building permits.

                                Located adjacent to ul. Grzybowska and ul. Żelazna within Warsaw’s Central Business District, the project includes a 26-floor, 140-meter-tall office skyscraper, two low-rise office buildings and the additional reconstruction of pre-war historical monuments in the surrounding area.

                                “These historical buildings constitute a priceless monument documenting the history of Warsaw and its Jewish community,” said Max Ebenstein, CEO of Liberty Development Poland.
                                The area is known as one of the 19 former gates to the Warsaw ghetto and has been listed as a historical monument by the Mazowieckie voivodship.

                                “In collaboration with a local architectural studio specializing in reconstruction and revitalization of historical monuments, we have developed a conceptual design for the full revitalization of the Żelazna buildings,” Mr Ebenstein said.

                                The design of the Liberty Tower was made by the Kuryłowicz and Associates studio. Earlier plans to build a residential building designed by New York-based firm Costas Kondylis were dropped.
                                The company hopes to start underground construction this August with the completion of the entire complex expected in August 2014.

                                source: Warsaw Business Journal

                                Nowy Sezam
                                Investor: BBI Development
                                Design: Juvenes
                                Function: Office, retail, metro station entrance
                                Construction start: Autumn 2013

                                Zlota 44

                                Cosmopolitan Twarda

                                Plac Unii

                                Metro (second line)



                                  Warsaw Spire

                                  Plac Unii


                                  part of Wola District from above

                                  Wola Center


                                  Concept Tower

                                  Green Corner




                                  Atrium One

                                  Museum of History of Polish Jews

                                  Warsaw West Train station and some office buildings around - proposed :

                                  Metro (second line) construction:


                                    Parašė szczupak01


                                      Atvykus į Varšuvą ir patogiai išsimiegojus neliko nieko kito, kaip eiti ir žiūrėti kuo nustebins lenkų sostinė.

                                      Lenkų sostinė pirmiausia nemaloniai nustebino oru: nestipriai, tačiau įkyriai lijo, tad galimybės kažką nufotografuoti buvo smarkiai apribotos. Šioje nuotraukoje berods Šv. Juozapo bažnyčia Krokuvos priemiesčio gatvėje.

                                      Kojoms vis labiau mirkstant varšuvietiškose balose teko eiti ieškoti kažkokių lankytinų vietų, kurios būtų po stogu. Čia - Varšuvos Šv. Jono arkikatedros interjeras.

                                      11 valandą atsidaro Karalių rūmų ekspoziciją. Sekmadienį ji nemokama. Tiesa, rašoma, kad ekspozicija kiek sutrumpinta, tačiau tai turbūt tik dar vienas pliusas.

                                      Nelabai turiu ką pakomentuoti, tačiau pasigrožėti įdedu karališkų interjerų.

                                      Got sun in my face, sleeping rough on the road


                                        Sosto salė.

                                        Rūmuose eksponuojama nemažai paveikslų.

                                        Got sun in my face, sleeping rough on the road


                                          Lyti nesiliauja, tad iki valiai atsigrožėjęs Karalių rūmais bei įpylęs į organizmą puslitrį vietinio bravoro alaus, patraukiu link Varšuvos simbolio - Kultūros ir mokslo rūmų, arba, sutrumpintai lenkiškai, tiesiog PKiN.

                                          Jeruzalės alėja - viena pagrindinių Varšuvos centro gatvių.

                                          Priėjus PKiN dėmesį patraukė jame įsikūręs technikos muziejus. Keli eksponatai iš ten.

                                          Tiesą pasakius, tas kompiuteris, kuriuo darbuojasi muziejaus darbuotojas, taip pat turėtų eiti į ekspoziciją.

                                          Got sun in my face, sleeping rough on the road