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[PL] 48 new buses for Białystok

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    [PL] 48 new buses for Białystok


    Presentation of new buses on Kosciuszki Market:

    Municipal investments. Bialystok has 48 new buses by Solaris

    All with voice announcement systems, but also prepared to introduce an electronic ticket. All presented at noon on the Market Kosciuszko

    Total cost is 51 million zlotys. Starting tomorrow, buses embark on the streets of Bialystok.

    - It's 20 percent, all buses in the city, and this change will certainly be noticeable on the streets. The project was carried out at lightning speed. In March 2009 I signed a contract on co-financing the EU. It turned out that we can buy twice as many buses, than initially expected. Ministry of Regional Development has agreed to increase the pool because, inter alia, savings in the program and use of reserves - said Tadeusz Truskolaski, president of the city.

    Currently in Bialystok are 34 lines and three-day weekend (night). On the route goes close to a quarter of a thousand buses belonging to the three municipal transport companies, which annually carry about 100 million passengers. Next purchase of new buses - this time 76 - is planned for next year.

    Yesterday also rode the last Ikarus from Kosciuszko Market.

    - The last course this vehicle will perform to the museum - said Dariusz Ciszewski, head of the Municipal Enterprises of Urban Transport in Bialystok.
    Paskutinis taisė pzlotnik; 2010.03.01, 18:20.

    One of the 48 new Buses for Białystok:

    LCD Panel with route timetable and stops.