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Urban Ideas Bakery Creative Workshop

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    Urban Ideas Bakery Creative Workshop

    Briefly about the Creative Cities project

    The goal of Creative Cities is to find new ways to improve the quality of life of urban communities, involving professionals from different fields of the process. Discussions in the course of the project will cover a wide range of issues, from the use of public spaces, the promotion of artistic and social events to the contribution of creative industries and cultural policies to the development of the city.

    The Creative Cities project consists of three phases:
    Future City Game - a game based on teamwork aimed at discovering new ideas for improving the quality of life in cities (implemented in Kaunas in November 2008).
    Urban Ideas Bakery - In this section, professionals will have the opportunity to work together and develop new ideas and problem solving techniques, and implement them in practice.
    The Urban Forum is a continuous debate that brings together professionals, community leaders and city partners from across Europe. During the debates, the most problematic issues are the planning of urban development, the development of urban innovation, and the economy.

    2008 The first part of the "Creative Cities" project in Kaunas in November was "The Future City Game Kaunas". The first part was aimed at improving the activity of people in Laisvės avenue, in other words, to revive it. After the game, free Wi-Fi has been introduced in Laisvės alėja, and there are many cozy small restaurants, cafes, fast-food open-air bunkers and indoors. It is not known whether the students who arrived in Kaunas in autumn, or the sincere activity of people, but the mobility in Laisvės alley really grew.

    Urban Ideas Bakery 2009. Kaunas

    The visible result led to the decision of the participants of the international conference to grant the right to organize the "Urban Ideas Bakery" Grand Forum in Kaunas, the second part of the Creative Cities project. Kaunas will be the first city to organize these workshops in the region. It will bring together experts from different fields, public figures, politicians, sponsors, intermediaries and even twelve foreign experts who will be involved in solving social and urban problems in Kaunas.

    Urban Ideas Bakery is based on the "Breakthrough cities" report on social innovation in Europe, developed by the Young Foundation specifically for the Creative Cities project.

    The project is based on the assumption that each community is unique, and the solutions can not be the same. Prior to taking action, Urban Ideas Bakery will separately analyze the city by exploring the needs of every city in the city and its needs, buildings, finances and infrastructure, ultimately defining problems, expected challenges and possible solutions to them. The result of the analysis carried out is the answer that is lacking to the population and the functioning of the city itself. Then The Urban Ideas Bakery will take decisions.

    The main topics of this year's workshops are "Security in Kaunas City, as well as the image of the city".

    The Urban Ideas Bakery workshop is organized by British Council Lithuania, KTU Career Center and Kaunas City Municipality.
    More information about the project is available at:

    Urban Ideas Bakery and

    Several representatives of the will have creative workshops for Urban Ideas Bakery in 2009: Nedas is one of the workshop organizers and I am a workshop participant.

    This topic was created not only for informational purposes, as the workshops do not have the opportunity to participate in everyone's wish, we hope that you will be able to express your opinion here, offer ideas and solve possible problems. We will try to constructively construct a thought during the workshop, so that you will be able to take part in it without any thought.

    If you have any questions about the Creative Cities project, I think Neda will answer them in detail.
    Good luck in the discussion.